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Expansion into international markets – the support to kujawsko-pomorskie SMEs
2018-09-18 08:00:50
Enterprise Europe Network Centre, at Toruń Regional Development Agency would like to invite to a meeting organized together with Polish Investment and Trade Agency.

The aim of the meeting is to acquaint the regional entrepreneurs with the opportunities of financial support.

The Agency’s previous experience has shown that the entrepreneurs are afraid of entering international markets, for the fear of being unsuccessful. The basic task of Polish Investment and Trade Agency is, primarily in the initial phase of conquering the new market, to minimize that risk and to provide the relevant information for the given branch of industry and the care of experts.

At the meeting, the participant will acquire the knowledge of:

-       Verification of partners

-       Finding new localization

-       Organizing the promotion

and other information that enable to explore new markets. The Agency implements other projects that focus on different areas of the world (i.a. GO Africa, GO India, GO ASEAN, GO China, the Polish Tech Bridges).

At the meeting there will also be discussed the framework of support for entrepreneurs from the regional centres within the Export Fund.

The meeting with the representative of  Polish Trade and Investment Agency will take place on September 19, 2018 at the Toruń Technological Park, on Włocławska 167 Street, in Toruń. It will start at 12 a.m. and take about 2 hours.

To register, please fill in and send the form below on the following e-mail address: piotr.jozefiak@tarr.org.pl.

The details are provided by:

Piotr Józefiak

Enterprise Europe Network


tel. 56 699 54 82


Do pobrania: PROGRAM SPOTKANIA.pdf, PAIiH formularz.docx,