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PAIH Expo – The First Trade & Invest Forum
2018-10-29 09:53:42
On October 25, 2018 at the PGE Narodowy Stadium in Warsaw the First Trade & Invest Forum took place– the PAIH Expo 2018.

The gathered guests were hosted by Mrs Jadwiga Emilewicz – Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology and Mr Tomasz Pisula – President of Board of Polish Trade and Investment Agency.

The PAIH Expo was visited by over 4 thousand Polish companies, who have had the opportunity to get information about the foreign markets.

The participants could participate in a number of workshops concerning foreign markets hosted by the local experts of PAIH departments from all over the world. In the exhibition area their activities were presented i.a. the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology, Foreign Departments of PAIH, Chambers of Commerce, the PFR Group, Special Economic Zones and Marshall Offices.

We were also present there. We have made contacts with the foreign offices of PAIH located in the countries for the future destinations of economic missions and trade fairs of Bydgoszcz Industrial Cluster. We have also gained new knowledge about the foreign markets and got acquainted with some potential partners and companies from the industry.

Congratulations for the PAIH on a successful initiative. We await the next editions.

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