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Innovative Aspects of Technological Development of Polymer Plastics – the Conference
2018-10-31 11:17:42
Bydgoszcz Industrial Cluster invites to a conference entitled "Innovative Aspects of Technological Development of Polymer Plastics", which will take place on November 22, 2018.

The conference takes place in the Bydgoszcz Trade and Exhibition Centre on Gdańska 187 Street in Bydgoszcz.

It will concern plastics, dyeing and auxiliary materials. 

At the meeting, the following issues are going to be discussed: contemporary material trends in plastics processing with examples and conditions of processing, the issue of physical modification of polymers and auxiliary materials in processing. There will also be presented the analysis of construction of hybrid structure products and the properties of hybrid products, as well as the importance of injection in manufacturing of complex structure products. Furthermore, we will take a look on requirements concerning the colour scheme and how to increase the process efficiency by applying a proper method of colour selection. Another issue to be discussed is dyeing of polymers and colour effects, i.a. colouring agents and their technical limitations in dyeing of polymers, as well limitations for applying the dyes. The subjects will also be 3D print, pros and cons of addictive manufacturing and an overview of addictive techniques as well as of the new trends in the industry.


The conference is addressed to the representatives of the tooling and plastics processing industry, as well as to the companies from electrotechnics, automotive, packaging and household industries.

The cost of participation is 199 PLN net (and 99 PLN for the Cluster’s members)

The registration is possible until November 15, 2018. Contact person: Agnieszka Matuszak, e-mail:  a.matuszak@klaster.bydgoszcz.pl; phone: 52 515-30-73. 



Do pobrania: Plakat ŚTP.pdf, FORMULARZ ZGŁOSZENIOWY konferencja.doc, PROGRAM konferencja branżowa 22.11.2018.pdf,