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Working group for recycling in the Bydgoszcz Industrial Cluster
2020-08-07 15:00:05
At a special meeting on 21th July 2020 the European Council adopted arrangements introducing a new tax on non-recycled plastic packaging.

The tax of EUR 0.8 per kg of waste will enter into force on 1st January 2021 and may be a heavy burden for economies where the recycling rate is still low. This tax will be another impulse to motivate member states to segregate plastic waste and increase the recycling of these products. The recycling industry has a big challenge, because changes are required ... both investments and cooperation in creating the law on the use of recyclates in packaging and plastic products.

For manufacturers of plastic products, it is an impulse to switch to activities aimed at Circular Economy and to implement the extended producer responsibility (ROP) system. It will also be a good incentive for companies to design products and packaging that are easier to recycle.

Recently, the problem of post-production waste has become more visible. Due to changes in the law and the closing of new companies collecting and processing waste, many entrepreneurs were forced to look for new receivers of waste on an increasingly difficult market.The aim of the introduced restrictions related to recycling is to change the approach of entrepreneurs to the issue of waste. The point is to treat waste not as rubbish, but as a commercial commodity. However, with the current fluctuating of raw material prices, high rates cannot be demanded for a material that has to undergo many, very costly processes to be reusable. In part, this situation may lead to a systematization of the approach to the subject of recycling in companies, which will start to care more about the waste they have and will be able to be recycled in a large part. Entrepreneurs will have to learn to segregate these materials so that they are transferable and recyclable.

In response to the needs of both the market and entrepreneurs associated in the Bydgoszcz Industrial Cluster, a Recycling Working Group was established in July 2019, whose task is to familiarize members of the cluster with problems related to waste management, informing about changes in the law and cooperating activities within the association regarding recycling.

The group consists of enterprises:

  • LUK-PLAST Łukasz Kubczak, Sławomir Kubczak, s.c. from Bydgoszcz - deals mainly with processing of technologically clean post-production waste, incl. PP, LDPE, HDPE in various forms, also provides many services for companies that prefer to pay for recycling and not look for new sources of raw material;
  • PZ MARK-POL Marek Jasiński from Wąbrzeźno - deals with the processing of plastic waste, specializing in PVC;
  • ML Sp. z o.o. - deals with the recovery of clean post-production packaging waste, organizing collection from contractors throughout Europe. It deals with the purchase and processing of post-production PP, PE, OPP, BOPP, CAST films and laminates of these films on rolls and in bars, both printed and transparent, and also purchases PCR waste in the form of regrind.  It provides its own transport of containers and the development of the concept of waste segregation on the client's company, it develops together with contractors effective solutions that do not interfere with the client's production, organizing the segregation and removal of waste from their premises. It secures technical facilities at contractors, such as containers, press-containers, balers. It organizes trainings of customer staff and the transport of waste to the factory. It helps in the receiving and recovery of waste such as CAST and BOPP films. It introduced support for clients in the field of management of unprocessed and contaminated plastics in the form of disposal. That materials are used for the production of alternative fuels;
  • WW Ekochem Sp. z o.o. - deals with the receiving of waste: PET, HDPE, PVC, LDPE, PP, PS, ABS, PC, TPE, TPV TPO, TPU and others, their processing to the level of regrind or regranulate and recycling. The offer is addressed to enterprises and plants that generate waste through production processes, as well as recycling and recovery companies;
  • Nicrometal S.A. - deals with the purchase of production waste in the form of plastics, including technical plastics: PC, PC / ABS, PMMA, PA, PBT, PET, PET-G or polyolefins: PP, PE, PS. They prepare complete documentation related to the collected waste, subject plastics to grinding and regranulation processes and are also able to independently produce new products from the obtained material;
  • ZELAN Sp. z o.o. - is active in the field of law related to plastics processing and recycling, both at the regional, national and international level, participating in meetings of various bodies related to this subject.

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