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Uniwersytet Technologiczno-Przyrodniczy
Uniwersytet Technologiczno-Przyrodniczy
dr hab. inż. Antoni Bukaluk, prof. UTP - Rektor
Al. prof. Sylwestra Kaliskiego 7

Jan and Jędrzej Śniadecki University of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz is the university with more than 60-years of tradition, the only one in region that educates engineers, integrates technological and agricultural sciences. Currently, about 10 000 students are educated within daily, extramural studies, PhD and postdoctoral studies, on the university seven faculties. The process of education characterise with flexibility. New, major studies needed in region are opening (design, architecture, biomedical engineering). Students have the opportunity to continue part of their studies at other universities and abroad. UTP closely cooperate with the economy. Students have their internships in companies and participate in research conducted for the industry. Regional Centre of Innovativeness provides its laboratories interested companies from the region to support the development of innovative enterprises, which do not have adequate facilities to research. Multifaceted achieving make the university one of the best among universities of technology and science in the country, what is confirmed in the universities rankings. The pride of the University of Technology and Life Sciences are its graduates, who are doing very well in the labour market and find employment easily.