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PUH softProgress Wojciech Zdun
PUH softProgress Wojciech Zdun
Wojciech Zdun – Właściciel
Powstańców 72H

PUH softProgress Wojciech Zdun focuses on services related to the streamlining of processes operating within manufacturing plants and distribution companies. The offer is dedicated to companies that wish to improve their performance by means of innovative solutions. softProgress focuses on various
processes improvement – including plastics processing. We are helping companies to improve their workflows at production preparation and production execution processes because of polymers processing knowledge, cooperation with academics and with consulting companies. Our goal is to make daily tasks less time consuming. We are interested in particular practical aspect, which is what good can result from solutions offered by softProgress to increase productivity. We realize how important are tasks connected with production and sales, and on the other hand how difficult it is to effectively monitor processes in these areas from the efficient business management point of view. In order to achieve these goals softProgress has formed its offer of consulting services complemented by software solutions distribution that together streamlines respective processes in following areas:

• Interactive Technical Publications preparation,
• production execution management (MES/MOM),
• on-line processes definition and monitoring
• polymers injection simulation
• polymers and metals extrusion simulation
• polymers blowmolding and thermoforming simulations
• mobile distribution and service supporting system (SFA/FFA/FFM/BPM)

Solutions offered by softProgress are helping to improve communication at the stage of production preparation and products distribution.